Why is DadsApp involved in #maternalMHmatters week?

This week I have decided to put my efforts into supporting the Maternal Mental Health week campaign. The first week of it’s kind in the UK. By publishing a short interview each day with mums and dads, I hope to help reduce stigma and give a voice to those who might never have spoken up otherwise. I also hope that if people relate to these real life experiences they may consider seeking support.

Now you may be thinking, ‘but it’s MATERNAL mental health week, what have dads got to do with this? Isn’t this just about mums?’ 

Well, good questions. My response is very simple. Everything!


For starters it’s the dads that have gotten mums into this situation in the first place. The pregnancy, not the mental health (though I’m sure we’ve contributed to that at times). Let’s be honest, a bloke was involved in some form or another and now you’re a mum. So we must have some role to play, right?

Which brings me to my next point. I firmly believe that dads have got a HUGE role to play not only in being present and active parents but also supportive and understanding partners. We spend so much time as parents focusing on the kids that we can forget to care for ourselves and our partners. This is a time where that vital relationship can be either at it’s strongest or broken down to it’s weakest.

You’re tired, they’re tired, we’re both trying to keep this tiny person alive, whilst also trying to turn them into good people, whilst still going to work, maintaining friendships and trying not to look like you woke up with a dummy in your ear and lying in a pool of leaked breast milk (which you did).



And finally, dads mental health can suffer too. I won’t go too much into that this week as there is a specific time to highlight that. However, it’s worthwhile to keep dad in the conversation as he too may be experiencing mental health problems and no know what they are or how to respond.

So if you’re a mum reading this please know that DadsApp’s here for you as much as it’s here to support dads.

And guys, I’m writing this to draw your attention to your wives, girlfriends, mothers, daughters, sisters and anyone else you know who is a mother and might be needing support. Look out for the ladies in your life.

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If you’re struggling and in need of support I have begun to compile a list of supportive links via my SUPPORT page but you will find a larger more comprehensive list over at PNDandME‘s page. Below is also a map of support services in Scotland.

Maternal Mental Health Week is being led by the Perinatal Mental Health Partnership (PMHP).

Across the partnership, charities and organisations are running exciting and interesting events to celebrate the week and support mums and their families.

During the week, PMHP are focusing on how and where mums can seek help and support for their mental health. Women and their family and friends need to know where they can find help and support for perinatal mental health problems. To help with this, PMHP are going to have themed days on their social media channels.

More information can be found at


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