Travelling with kids.. Oh Joy!

So before we had kid’s trips to visit friends or family could be planned in about 25 minutes, 7 texts back and forth and the car boot would still be half empty. Trips with kids are a very different affair. Sorry if this comes across a little ranty.
Packing & Travelling
There are at least 8 large items that get packed that don’t get used (buggy, highchair etc.), there is one small bag for us and about 5 bags for them (this was just for a 48 hour trip) and then you have the journey itself… I love driving. I like getting out on the open road and admiring the landscapes as we journey south. What I’m less keen on is the ‘look daddy’ every 5 seconds, ‘I’m still hungry’ every 20 minutes and a toilet stop nearly every hour on the hour (more so the wife than the kids). Travelling with kids is just not fun. I have chosen to, where possible travel at night now so they are all sleeping for the most part. This helps, a lot.
How about you? got any tips?
I live about 250 miles away from one part of my family and about 400 miles from another and these journeys take absolutely everything within me to accomplish. What is meant to be a fun and happy time with family becomes a bit of a nightmare. The kids are taken out of their usual routine and placed in environments where they are told ‘don’t touch that’, ‘leave the dog along’ and ‘not right now’ over and over again. The kids don’t know that you’re stressed, they don’t know what’s OK and what’s not in this environment and all they are doing is exploring and learning. Yet I lose my cool over and over. This is high up there on ‘things that stress me out’ list.

I’m not saying that it’s not worth it. It is in the end, but the cost is huge. From the snapping at the kids or my wife to just being totally wiped out the day after. Should it be this way? Is there another way to handle these situations?

Please let me know what works for you because I’m not sure anything is working for me.
Trying to work out where to stay when you travel to see family isn’t easy. First there is trying not to offend people who would love for you to stay with them. However, that small spare bedroom isn’t going to cut it when there are 4 of you 2 of whom snore like thunder and one who sleeps lighter than feather and screams like a banshee. Then there is where you stay in relation to those you’re visiting. Stay too close to everybody you know and love and you have to divide yourself across 20 visits in 2 days to different friends and family. That’s not a good way to spend time, most definitely not for kids. We have learned now to decide what the trip is for and then book the accommodation around that. This trip basically involved staying a 30 minutes’ drive away from everyone in order to isolate ourselves from most people in order to cut out the urge to visit everybody.
Again, there must be another way?

Anyhow, I’m failing to find a positive and encouraging way to end this week’s blog. Maybe this week you have something that can help me to deal with these trips?

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