Seriously, What is wrong with you?

Now that’s a title that grabs your attention. But seriously, what is wrong with you? What is wrong with me? All of us guys?
No I mean it,  what the hell is wrong with us guys? There are an unending supply of support resources out there and yet we choose to suffer in silence bury it all deep down inside and ‘man up’.
Look I’m not just talking about taking directions or putting a piece of IKEA furniture together. Yes lets ask for a helping hand once in a while but I’m talking about the real stuff. Our emotions, the things we are struggling with, the things that make us tick and the things that can eventually kill us.
Or is it just me? Am I the only one who bottles the dark or broken stuff and forces it deep down inside? I know it’s not just me because in the UK during 2014, 3 times as many men committed suicide in comparison to women. That’s 4,630 men that suffered and were unable to speak up for themselves to get help.

 You do not need to suffer in silence.
I would love to know why we hold ourselves back from talking. I would love to understand what part of my brain it is that holds me back, and then I’d like to fix it, completely. I know that it’s a defence mechanism but it’s completely failing if it can lead to breakdown in relationships, reduced mental health and possibly suicide like the 4,630 men that took their own lives in 2014. Hiding from how we feel does not work, it doe not fix anything and it can not keep you safe.
Here’s the thing though guys. Talking is good. Talking to someone else about whats going on, about how you feel can free you from the prison you create for yourself in your own mind. Not only will the other person feel as though they’ve connected with you on a level they had not thought possible, but you’re likely to feel such a sense of relief. We mustn’t underestimate ‘just talking’ as it can be overwhelmingly powerful. This is not the resolution but the beginning of the journey to overcoming whatever obstacle stands in your way. This obstacle may well be a short term problem that you face. It could be a longer term mental health problem. This is the start line for accessing professional support and help. You do not talk about Fight Club, but you can talk about your feelings.
You may choose to skip the step of talking to a friend, family or heaven forbid your partner and go straight to a service like Samaritans and therefore you can get straight on the path to recovery. If you are on this path I commend you and hope that you are getting what you need from it. However, if you are yet to access a professional support service may I recommend but a few in relation to mental health.
Click the logos to go to each site.

They are available to talk any time you like, in your own way, and off the record – about whatever’s getting to you. You don’t have to be suicidal


Providing a range of services nationally, including advocacy, carer support, crisis services and more. You can find local services to support you.
So if anything said here in this post has struck a chord with you please do reach out. I am available to talk to if you need to, about small or large problems. I won’t claim to be able to fix them but I’m happy to listen. Or try one of the links above.
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Thanks for reading.


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