Listen up Mums’ – We Need To Talk!!

Look we aren’t good with this emotional stuff. You may never hear this from your husband, partner or that bloke your kid calls dad. However, I can assure you that this is an absolute truth, regardless of the hardened bravado front we may put on.
We may never display this level of emotion with you, we rarely share this side of ourselves with anyone to be fair, but we have a message we want to share with you. It’s something that we all bury deep down in side for fear of appearing like a big softy or even worse, you lot declaring you were right all along. Don’t ask us why we don’t say these things, we just don’t, OK! Oh, and don’t go reading this and expecting us to say it out load. We’re saying it here and now…
… so here it is….
You’re freaking amazing and we couldn’t do this without you!
Thank You.
Literally, we are not capable of being dads without you amazing women. Thank you for making enormous sacrifices for us. Sacrificing your careers, your wardrobes, your friendships, your sleep, your ability to eat seafood or good cheeses, your emotional stability, your wonderful bodies (though we love you regardless), your patience which we dads push as well as the kids, your hygiene (we noticed but didn’t want to say), your ability to pee in peace and generally your every waking minute. This isn’t about self deprecating but about appreciation.
Thank you for putting up with us men, for the free time to go play footy, for the late night feeds, for your grace when we’re moody, for putting up with our parents & for keeping away yours, for packing nursery bags, for you know the whole giving birth thing, for the nappies (yep every time we don’t need to change a nappy it’s amazing) for knowing baby stuff and for generally doing everything that’s needed to keep our kid/s alive. We do our bit and for some that’s more than others but you are an integral part of what makes this whole family thing work.
We love you all!
We’ve said it now get off our backs 😉

Dadsapp has never been and never will be a dad vs mum sort of resource. This isn’t about having digs at others. DADSAPP exists to encourage and unite, well at least I hope it does. I recently checked out the analytics for Dadsapp and found that its almost a 50/50 split in the the gender of those following and reading so I thought it might be good to address 50% of the audience whilst attempting to speak on behalf of the other 50%.
Whoever you are and whatever reason you have for interacting with Dadsapp I hope that somehow it makes a difference. If it just puts a smile on your face for 10 seconds of your day I’ve succeeded. Thanks for your time.
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