It’s Not Just About Me

I have been struggling to get together a blog for this week as I have been sick, the family has been sick and I have had college work to do. So instead of a long wordy post this week there are a couple of videos I want to share that I have found really encouraging and feel they would help others.

My take away from this video was to stop worrying about my own mental health for a moment and to have a think about those around me. Do you know someone who could do with a chat? Do you know someone who just hasn’t been themselves recently? Do you have a niggling feeling about someone, you just can’t place it but you’re worried? Well then give them a call, pop round to see them or invite them to yours. Reach out.
This video was a revelation to me this week in that it really made me think about all this stuff I’ve been writing about. I needed to hear this message to think about others more. I’m aware that the readers of this blog and those that engage on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook is around 50/50 male and female. This tells me, along with the conversations that have happened due to DadsApp, that some people are coming to read this stuff not necessarily for themselves but possibly to understand, support or share with others.
Sometimes it’s easier to talk when someone asks you to.
Second up is a video from Heads Together who aim to change the national conversation on mental health and wellbeing by reducing stigma.

I’m encouraged by this video because future Kings and Queens are talking about the importance of talking about mental health. The message that ‘too many people who waited too long’ to get help tells me that we need to proactive and approach those around us we think may be struggling. There is ‘no shame’ in needing help.
These messages are everything that DadsApp stands for. No matter if you’re a mum or dad reading this, if you’re worried about your own mental health or that of someone close to you. We are not alone. You are not alone. Please speak up if you need help and please speak up if you see someone else who needs help.
Feel free to send a private and confidential Email, leave a comment below, share this with others you think might find it helpful via the link buttons and remember to follow @dadsapp on Twitter and Facebook

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