Interview With A Dad: A Childminder’s Husband

A large part of Dadsapp is about providing a voice for dads. So far you’ve just heard mine and this is the first of my attempts to interview a dad from a background others might find familiar. Here goes…
 Name: Riccardo
Age: 28
Number of Kids & Ages: 1 aged 2 and a half and one due in March
Occupation: Graphic Designer
Favourite Dad Activity: Playing with his toy cars and tickling each other

So, let’s start with something easy. What do you enjoy most about your kid/s?
I enjoy waking up next to him for hugs and making the most of my mornings with him before I go to work. At the moment he’s learning so many new words he’s starting to have his own personality.
What does the role of ‘dad’ mean to you?
Being able teach him things that he wouldn’t necessarily get taught at school. Giving him advice, respecting others, being kind.
What do you find most difficult about parenting?
The sleeping. He was a bad sleeper so juggling lack of sleep and work is hard. The first month was hard because I had no idea what I was doing with a baby and I didn’t get much help from parents so that was pretty difficult.
How has your dad role changed your relationship with your wife?
It’s definitely made us work closer as a team. I’ve took my wife’s role for granted at times and certainly feel that struggle when she’s not there.

What do you know/understand now that you didn’t know/understand before you were a parent?
Patience. I’m not a patient guy but realise it’s something you need especially trying to get them to sleep.
Many people will tell you what is right/wrong to do as a parent. What piece of advice would you condemn to the bin (room 101 style) if you could?
That formula feeding is the best thing for your child. I genuinely believe my son is clever, bright and smart because breast milk was a huge factor.
Easy finish – What is your go to activity that you do with your kid/s that always makes them happy?
Well my wife isn’t a morning person and luckily I am. Breakfast time with my son is great as I have nearly 2 hours of alone time with him and we just have a laugh together. Our best time is going to the park and watching him run about daft without a care in the world.
So there it is people the husband of a child minder lives a pretty normal life just like you and me. Nothing massively different. Do you have a different perspective? Anything to add or share? Please let us get in touch.
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Thanks for reading.

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