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Interview – Chris Hembrough-Done – Campfire Social

Welcome to the second interview by DadsApp. This time we talk to a musician friend of mine Chris and chat about his life now that he’s a dad. Please check out his music via the link below and feel free to share and comment.
Name – Christopher Eric Hembrough-Done
Occupation – Musician with Campfire Social
Number of Kids & Ages – 1/boy/15 months
Favourite Dad Joke?
Ahh man, I’m relatively new to parenthood and haven’t gotten around to ‘dad jokes’ yet. But when I do, you knows it’s gonna be funny as shit! (Am I allowed to swear? Sorry if not, I’m crap at interviews!)
How has your role as a father changed your relationship with your partner?
OK. I’ve definitely had to cut the bullshit with her! My wife bloomed as soon as my boy was born. She went from being this beautifully quiet girl (and still is, but you know what I mean) into a fiercely protective mother, and I took a back seat from her attention. I ain’t going to mess with that!
What do you find most difficult about parenting?
Am I doing enough? Am I doing it properly? But they are all the normal worries parents have. What I find difficult is being a dad with mental illness. Depression and anxiety can sometimes look different from an outside perspective. I have seen how depression can takeover somebody in myself and others. I don’t want my son seeing me at my lowest. It makes me sad, sometimes scared and sometimes angry. These aren’t feelings I want my son to have over me. I don’t feel like I can help it sometimes, mental illness is fucked up!
Favourite Dad Activity
I enjoy taking him for walks when I can. My disability limits me to what I can do and when I can do it.
How does your occupation in music affect you as a parent?
Thinking about tours, late nights etc. So far it hasn’t. Like, there’s a few nights where I’ll be back late, or the next day, but to be completely honest, without our parents I wouldn’t be able to do what I do. They’re always there to help if I have a gig or what not, so karen doesn’t have to do it alone if she doesn’t want to. I’m really REALLY lucky!
Has being a musician given you more confidence when tackling the dreaded nursery rhymes?
I’m completely down for nursery rhymes!! Me and Karen sometimes make up our own about Charlie! He’s our muse hahaha
How has your role as a parent affected your music?
I don’t get to play as much at home anymore. Charlie tends to come along and demand I put the guitar down. I think he’s trying to tell me something! That and I keep trying to rhyme things with Charlie, but motorbikes and grains aren’t what I tend to write about.
What song sums up your child?
‘If you leave me now’ by Chicago
 What do you know now that you didn’t know before you were a parent?
It’s no longer about me. 
What piece of Parenting advice would you condemn to the bin
(room 101 style)?
“Let them cry it out” If my child is crying for some reason or another I’m going to comfort my child no matter what time of day or night it is, or how much sleep I have or haven’t had!
What is your go to activity that you do with your kid/s that always makes them smile/happy?
My boy loves feeding the ducks at the local nature reserve! He loves seeing all the ducks and dogs around there! He’s also pretty fond of the sandpit!
What’s your most embarrassing nappy experience?
The three of us went for lunch one afternoon. We ordered our food and drinks and Charlie decides he wants a feed. So Karen does her thing, at which point Charlie does this biggest wet poop ever! It was all over Charlie, Karen’s legs and the floor! It was a right stinker too!
What do you enjoy most about your kid?
My son Charlie has recently learnt how to say “daddy” and every time I hear him say it, I’m overwhelmed with happiness and love! Oh, and the cuddles, which are rare at the moment, but when he chooses to it’s the best!
Thanks for chatting.


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