DadsApp 6 Months On

When I started DadsApp it was 3am, my daughter was crying and all I could think was… damn this is hard. After getting her back to sleep for the 5th time, my next thought was there must be more people struggling like this. After looking online for a while (well until about 4am), I found nothing that really seemed to be that supportive. ​​So without doing any research I bought in ​​order to create my own support resource. That’s were this all started.
I’ve since found a whole bunch of Twitter accounts, supportive blogs, websites and Facebook pages such as these guys and many more who have supported, encouraged or inspired DadsApp. Daddy BlogMLXLS
MLXLSDaddyPoppins Twtiter
Being 6 months into DadsApp I wanted to look back on what’s been successful and where it’s going in the future.
So Far
Before I mention things like numbers or my personal achievements I want to acknowledge those that have reached out to DadsApp for support. A number of people have been in direct contact because they weren’t sure where else to turn and to each of them I suggested certain pathways to getting the help they needed. DadsApp has a reputation online and a voice that seems to be making an impact.
This may seem like a simple or unimportant achievement but for me this is the biggest success of DadApp to date. Each of these people needed help at a vulnerable time and felt comfortable enough to discuss that with me and went on to access the professional support that they needed. I’m grateful for their trust and openness.
Additionally, there have been a number of individuals who have encouraged me, offer advice and supported me each step of the way so far. You know who you are. Thank You.

If we look at cold hard numbers, I’ve done not too bad for a guy with no funding and no sponsored content. It’s nothing in comparison to the big boys of the dad blogging world, but I’m proud to have reached this many people with DadsApp. It’s taken a lot of hard work and long evening hours.
The Numbers
233,000 Twitter Impressions
69,000 Facebook Reach
2,500 Unique Website Visitors
1,400 Organic Twitter Followers
1,500 Mentions
500 Instagram Followers (nearly)
300 Facebook Followers
38 Published Blogs
6 T-Shirts Printed
1 Kick Ass Logo
Not all of the content of DadsApp has been original, I share a lot of information, discussions or research of others as I don’t claim to be an expert on anything. I hope instead to share the wisdom of those that are. This has included the regular attempts at getting others to contribute blogs to DadsApp as I hope to give a platform to those voices otherwise unheard.
This brings me onto my involvement with Mental Health projects such as #dadsMHhour and #PNDDaddies on Twitter, becoming a the first male Maternal Mental Health Change Agent and writing a blog for Men Tell Health. I have struggled with my own mental health years now and the blogs which I produce for this website have been a real help to me in managing that. Not only the ability to share my experiences but also the supportive feedback I have received.
The Future
I stand by the work DadsApp is doing online and will continue to do this. However, I am also currently looking at ways to take DadsApp into the real world. I have been unable to find many resources for dads and their children where I live, Ayrshire, Scotland. I’d like to see that change. I’m considering the Charity vs. Social Enterprise approach which could provide funding streams I’m also considering how I might partner with other organisations and support resources to build on what is already existing. My limitations being that I work 4 days a week and this is all done in my spare time.
I am looking to draw more people into the DadsApp fold and explore areas of parenting that I have yet to touch upon such as Autism, Alienated Parents and Fostering & Adoption to name but a few. I will conduct more interviews and continue to provide a platform whereby people can raise a positive voice from negative situations.
When discussing DadsApp with a friend of mine they used the phrase ‘it’s got legs’ which stuck with me. This thing can move, it can stand up on its own and now it’s time to start running.
Thanks for being a part of this journey so far and if you want to get more involved then please get in touch.

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