DADSAPP exists to provide support for parents from any walk of life. Whether a new dad, a dad of many or a dad to be, we all need a helping hand at some point. The aim here is to create an active resource for dads who have questions, who are just a little bit stuck, who need reassurance, who need encouraging and those who simply need to hear a positive voice in an increasingly negative world.


The main emphasis of DADSAPP is communication and experience sharing. We also hope to reduce the stigma of mental health. ​By fostering genuine conversations and information sharing from experienced people. The BLOG will share personal experiences of dads and be an opportunity for discussion. Occasionally this will feature interviews of dads from various backgrounds.


…Because we deserve it. Because dads struggle too, more often in silence. Because our children deserve it. Because we should always be asking ourselves ‘how can I make my children’s life more fulfilling, safer, exciting and enjoyable?’. Children grow up so fast and if we aren’t making the most of this time we can blink and it will be gone. DADSAPP exists to encourage and build up fathers so that their children will flourish.


This isn’t just for dads, the information may be useful to mums and partners also. Whether you are just in need of an idea for how to deal with a particular ‘challenge’ or struggling with your mental health this page is for you. If you are feeling like you don’t need any support maybe you can offer some. A few encouraging words go a long way. Maybe you need someone to talk to or maybe you are free to listen. This is for all dads, plain and simple.